The Restaurant

Carefully created menus incorporate into exquisite dishes.

Discover Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurant by the sea of Himara, Albania.

Experience fine dining at Rapo’s Resort Hotel restaurant, where a harmonious blend of local and global flavors awaits in a captivating setting. Whether for a casual lunch or a romantic evening under the stars, our warm atmosphere creates special moments with loved ones. From family gatherings to friendly get-togethers, our restaurant warmly welcomes you any time of the day.

The restaurant at the Rapo’s Resort Hotel welcomes you to have a pleasant dining experience while you’re placed in chic surroundings. Savor a gastronomic adventure where each dish showcases our commitment to giving visitors a delicious.

Opening Hours

Lunch: Daily 11:30 till 18:00
Dinner: Daily 18:00 till 22:00


Beachside Bliss: Unwinding at the Bar

The Rapo’s Resort Hotel’s Beach Bar is more than simply a location to get a drink—it’s an experience where each drink is a celebration of living by the sea. Our wide cocktail menu offers something for every taste, from classic drinks to refreshing drinks. Come relax and enjoy a drink at the Beach Bar at the Rapo’s Hotel.

But the experience is more important than the ambience alone. The welcoming bartenders at Rapo’s Beach Bar create delicious drinks that feature unique fruits and alcoholic beverages. Live music also fills the air as the night goes on, inviting guests to dance under the stars or just lounge back and forth in their seats to the beat of the waves.